Over the last five years Cladding Systems have evolved in to one of Victoria’s largest Alucobond fabricators and installers.
Endorsed by Alucobond Architectural Pty Ltd the Australian distributors of Alucobond as an accredited and preferred subcontractor, Cladding Systems have invested in state of the art CNC processing equipment to ensure every project, be it large or small, is delivered with a level of accuracy that cannot be achieved with traditional processing methods.
Thinking outside the traditional fabricating square, Cladding Systems have developed new innovative framing methods that enables significant off site works to take place in our factory environment where process and quality can be strictly monitored, finished modules are delivered to site and simply craned in to position as finished facade components of the building. This system affords the client in both reduction/savings in structural steel costs and accelerated facade completion under site conditions.
From an environmental perspective all Cladding Systems substructure fixing components are extruded from 65% recycled aluminium, and of course any waste generated during the Alucobond installation process is retained for recycling. All off cuts of Alucobond generated in the fabrication process are re machined turning them in to decorative planter boxes, garden ornaments and the like, again reducing our manufacturing environmental foot print.